5 Android Apps That Don’t Require Internet Access or Money

A Little Introductory Info

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Okay, wi-fi tablet owners (and some phone people as well)…surely you’ve run into this problem. You have a…

  • doctor’s appointment
  • long trip
  • boring night at work
  • few minutes to kill
  • few hours to kill
  • [insert random time to kill here]

So you bring your tablet along. Look at the first page of apps. How many of them require wi-fi access? *Grabbing my Kindle Fire* Of the 25 apps on my first page, THREE don’t need wi-fi to run. Let’s talk about those 3 for a second:

  • Gemini App Manager — NO entertainment value — This app is simply to manage the RAM on my device or to kill apps that want to constantly run in the background eating my valuable resources and battery life.
  • Kindle Launcher — This one simply launches the Kindle Fire Carousel and gives me access to my books.
  • gReader Pro — This is for my Google Reader subscriptions. It only HALF works without wi-fi. I can read certain blog feed texts, but anything image heavy is no fun at all as the images don’t show up without wi-fi.

What about page 2? Page 2 looks a little better for me as this is where I have many of my game apps. The point is that 97% of the apps on my tablet require Internet to work. All the places I like to use my Kindle away from home to kill time have NO Internet. So, I’ve made a list of apps that kill a lot of time, but don’t require a wi-fi connection to play, and hey, who wants to spend their hard-earned money to advance in an otherwise unwinnable game, so I’ve tacked that stipulation to the list as well. However, a few of the games might have a cost up front. Without further ado…

5 Android Apps That Don’t Require Internet Access or Money

Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad — Just downloaded this one last night and I was mesmerized. If you need to keep your kids (or yourself) occupied for a few minutes…well, here you go! Additional cool factor: you can play back a video of your creation and save it to file!

Developer: Bejoy Mobile

Funding: FREE; Ad-supported

Current Rating on Google Play: 4.5 stars

ProWebWriter gives it: 5 stars

Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad Examples

Lair Defense: Dungeon/Lair Defense: Shrine — This game is a twist on a Tower Defense game. Instead of Towers, you have dragons. It’s pretty addictive and there are TONS of upgrades both for your dragons and general gameplay. While you have the option to spend actual money for coins to spend inside the game, this is not necessary. There are plenty of opportunities in-game to acquire coins.

DroidHen isn’t so in-your-face with touting in-game purchases. It’s a separate page in the app that you have to access by tapping an icon. Otherwise, you never see the purchase options.

Publisher: DroidHen

Funding: FREE; Ad-supported; in-game purchases

Current Rating on Google Play: 4.6 stars

ProWebWriter gives it: 5 stars

LD Dungeon Screenshot 1

LD Dungeon Screenshot 1

LD Dungeon Screenshot 1

Defender/Defender II — Your castle is under attack! Hundreds of mutant monsters are coming. Equip your crossbow and defend your City Wall! This one can get kind of repetitive, but there are a lot of upgrades to buy. Actual money is not required, but you can use it to advance in the game. There are plenty of opportunities to upgrade without cash though.

Publisher: DroidHen

Funding: FREE; Ad-supported; in-game purchases

Current Rating on Google Play: 4.6 stars

ProWebWriter gives it: 4 stars

Defender Screenshot 1

Defender Screenshot 2

Majesty — A fun little city builder. Build up your Army and defend your kingdom against goblins, elves, dwares, trolls, and the undead! A new add-on includes dragons and who doesn’t love dragons? A great game if you like strategy RPG’s.

Publisher: HeroCraft Ltd.

Funding: $1.99 to purchase

Current Rating on Google Play: 4.4 stars

ProWebWriter gives it: 5 stars

Majesty 1

Majesty 2

Majesty 3

Majesty 4

Temple Run — Run for your life! You’ve got a gold idol and the horrid monkeys want it! You can buy coins with actual money, but it’s not necessary to advance in the game. Coins are EVERYWHERE. You’ll find yourself running along temple walls, rocky cliffs, sliding under burning logs and tree roots. Buy powerups and keep it interesting.

Publisher: Imangi Studios

Funding: FREE; in-game purchases

Current Rating on Google Play: 4.6 stars

ProWebWriter gives it: 3 stars

Temple Run Screenshot


Piano Perfect — A snazzy little piano app with realistic sound and the ability to record a melody. Great for composers on the go. Piano Perfect displays the full keyboard at just over an octave at a time. The notes are clearly displayed and you can even display two rows at a time. A very nifty app for piano enthusiasts or if you just want to play around. It’s even got a few songs pre-loaded so you can learn to play.


Funding: FREE; Ad-supported

Current Rating on Google Play: 4.3 stars

ProWebWriter gives it: 4.5 stars

Piano Perfect Screenshot

Sketchbook Mobile Express — This is the closest thing you can get to Photoshop for Android. Sketchbook is a professional grade drawing and painting app and it’s just the best one out there on the current market. Working with such small tools is a little tedious, but if you like to draw and create art, this app will do it.

Publisher: Autodesk, Inc.

Funding: FREE; Pro Version with more tools and saving options is $4.99

Current Rating on Google Play: 4.5 stars

ProWebWriter gives it: 4.5 stars

Sketchbook Screenshot 1

Sketchbook Screenshot 2

A Few More Tips

I’ve found a few game publishers that I really like. For example, DroidHen, and I’ve included some of their games in this post. You can search Google Play for games by publishers you enjoy because of Google’s lovely algorithms. Simply type something like “[insert fav publisher] games” into the Search box at https://play.google.com/store 

If you invest a little money in a game or app, usually you won’t be asked to spend money in the game. A lot of these games can also be played without Internet access. For example, one of my favorite publishers is Gameloft. Many of their paid games don’t require Internet, but they do require a rather hefty amount of space on your device. The smallest I’ve downloaded was probably around 150MB, and the largest was a whopping 500+MB.  The other cool thing about Gameloft is that they have adapted a few computer games to Android. They’ve done a number of Tom Clancy games such as Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell. Electronic Arts is another one that is bringing some computer favorites to Android.

Here’s a short list of my favorite publishers so far:

  • Gameloft
  • Electronic Arts
  • DroidHen
  • PopCap

Avoid games that include OpenFeint. It’s touted as a worldwide stat system for sharing game scores, but it runs constantly on your device and the permissions it requires are ridiculous. I’ve heard rumors about it data mining…none of them good.

I hope this helps the bored hoards out there sitting at the dentist or waiting outside the principle’s office. Enjoy!




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